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Trained bodyworkers are skilled in prevention of prolonged restricted tissue.  After a session with a Bodywork Science® practitioner, you will usually feel lighter and more free.  Your body has been maneuvered and doctored in an systematic way to optimize your body's function. Bodywork Science® is ideal for people who are in search of relief from pain, stress, and tension.  

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Neuromuscular Benefits

People often overlook the significance of muscular pull or tension on their joints.  Extracellular debris (toxic or inhibiting material) interrupts muscular function and can remain along the muscle  short-term or long-term.  Getting neuromuscular work done will undoubtedly free up tension in joints creating a "light" feeling.  

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Pain Relief/Stress Management

Less pain means living a better life.  Our approach helps to build resilience and optimal tone in your soft-tissue allowing you to move more freely and do the things you love to do as long as possible.  

Sports massage on leg

Performance Enhancement

For healthy individuals and athletes, an advanced form of bodywork can be performed to dive deeply into restricted tissue to free the deepest musculature without causing unnecessary pain.  This type of session is the equivalent of a classic "deep tissue massage" done the Bodywork Science® way.  Those that have chronic pain or do not exercise regularly should explore other bodywork styles to prevent any rebound pain.  

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Bodywork: Therapeutic touching or manipulation of the body using specialized techniques. These can be categorized as either massage or therapeutic exercise.


Science: The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

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