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Samidha, February 2023

"When you walk into Bodywork Science, be ready with all your questions because they really listen. When they start the session, you automatically feel calm and relaxed because of the ambiance in the room. It’s a whole new world! Definitely get treated by Lenny! He’s so knowledgeable about the body and he is able to explain what causes the pain and how to prevent it! Thank you so much, Lenny!"

Elizabeth K., June 2022

"My shoulder has been hurting for 6 months. I went to Trinity Rehab and did their Epat treatment with no relief for 7 weeks. I went to another myofascial release/massage person, no relief. I then found Lenny and after ONE TREATMENT, I slept paint free for the first time in 6 months. As a paperhanger who is constantly using my arms and body, I plan on seeing him on an ongoing basis so I don't have body issues again. Very professional and quite funny and amusing!"

Bob, Late 2017

"Like no bodywork or massage I have every experienced. Lenny's treatment protocol almost completely removed the significant numbness and phantom pain associated with Peripheral Neuropathy (when my doctor said nothing could be done). He has treated painful injuries to my rotator cuff and tennis elbow helping me avoid potential surgery. At 56 years old, I hiked 50 miles of the Appalachian Trail with a full backpack and experienced no pain for the first time in over a decade. Lenny doesn't approach treatment as "massage", but as working on the body to restore proper function. I cannot give a strong enough recommendation. Call and make an appointment. You will not regret it."

Mary R., Early 2017

"I have been going to Lenny for over a year now for lower back pain with my L5-S1. I have been to many

doctors, all with different opinions but no relief. Lenny has a great attitude and compassion that has been a great comfort to me. His knowledge of the body and muscles is helpful for me to understand my condition. He is always striving to figure out exactly what I need to postpone or even eliminate the need for surgery. Only time will tell. For now, he is able to get me to a place where I can endure without going under the knife. He is also very helpful with information on stretching and exercises for the time in between sessions. Lenny has been a life saver as far as I am concerned! I highly recommend him and trying his approach before moving on to a more invasive or extreme treatment. He is personable and reliable and gets my highest recommendation!"

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